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Short Instructions for Participants

  1. The Conference will be held online via the Zoom platform.
  2. All participants are kindly requested to enter the Conference meeting with their camera and microphone turned off.
  3. To log in, you must have previously received an email invitation from the organizer (the host of the session) to participate.
  4. The invitation will include the Conference link and additional information such as the Meeting ID.
  5. If you haven’t already installed the Zoom software on your computer, then, by visiting the Conference link, you will be prompted to download the Zoom application file and install it on your computer.
  6. If the Conference link is not clickable in the email that you have received, please select the link text and copy/paste it to the address bar of your web browser (preferably Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). If you are using an Apple computer or laptop, it is recommended to avoid using Safari web browser (default on Mac) due to incompatibility issues.
  7. Alternatively, you can enter the Meeting ID yourself in the corresponding field of the application, by first selecting Join a Meeting. (Note: You will need to install the application first).
  8. Attention! To join the meeting, you will NOT be required to sign in using an institutional university account or a Google/ Facebook account, etc.
  9. In case you are a speaker and you have a presentation (PowerPoint, pdf), you are kindly requested to have your presentation file open in advance and keep it minimized on your computer. When it’s your turn to present, the Host will put you in Co-Host Mode and you will be able to select “Share Screen” from the bottom horizontal menu on the Zoom application and maximize this file–presentation on your screen that is now shared with the other participants.
  10. It is suggested to use a headset (headphones - microphone system). If no headset is available, your computer audio should be muted during your speech to avoid audible feedback noise from your microphone.
  11. Communication during the Conference will take place via Chat. By clicking on the “Chat” option in the Zoom application you can write and send a text message that will be visible to the moderator of the Session, who will collect the participants’ questions and ask them on your behalf.
  12. It would be preferable to use a cable connection (Ethernet) for your computer to access the Internet. If this is not possible, please avoid connecting other devices to the wireless network, at least during your speech.
  13. It is strongly recommended to do at least one test of the whole procedure beforehand. Make sure that the equipment used during the test is exactly the same as the one you intent to use during the Conference Session.

Good luck!